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New financial ecosystem created with DNC Co., Ltd.
We will do our best for both Korean and global users with the goal
of growing international-domestic exchanges and global representation of virtual assets.
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DNC virtual assets
  • Birth
    Developed for the benefit
    of DAIN investor members and for
    the content settlement of domestic and
    foreign associated companies
  • Advantage
    Developed for practical use in
    various industrieson Ethereum blockchain
    and valued as a secure crypto asset based on strong security.
  • Scarcity
    Total circulation is limited to 1 billion units,
    and with global promotion,
    DAIN its own scarcity increases and its value rises
  • Rich use environment
    easy, safe use of DAIN currency
    in mobile phone games, e-commerce, VR content, etc.
  • Integrated Exchange Operation
    Full security system and integrated transaction
    system operationto enable members to realize profits
    and deal with Bitcoin and Ethereum.
DNC Matrix
The DNC has the following distribution structure.
  • ㆍSale (20%)
  • ㆍTeam (12%)
  • ㆍdevelop (20%)
  • ㆍmarketing (23%)
  • ㆍreserve(10%)
  • ㆍStrategic partners (15%)
DNC marketing roadmap
The DNC's roadmap is based on the overall cycle of preparation, development, embodiment, and marketing.
  • 2018-2019~
  • www.DNC.ai
  • April
  • May

  • the opening of a shopping center
  • July
  • listing on domestic exchange
  • September
  • listing on global exchanges
  • 2021 Q1
  • 2021 Q2
Introducing partners working with DNC.
The Media
Introducing media working with DNC.
DNC Library
Learn more about goals and visions by looking at the time line that shows project development.
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